care instructions

all of our products are made with the finest natural fibers and are created to be heirlooms that will last many, many years with proper care. please follow our instructions when washing your product to keep it looking as beautiful as the day you received it.

most items can be washed by hand in cool water using a mild wool detergent. do not wash in the machine as agitation can cause shrinking. after gently hand washing, carefully press out any excess water without wringing or stretching. ease the item into shape and lay it flat to dry in a place with good air flow. a towel may be placed under the item to assist with drying.

some items are not suitable for hand washing and must be dry cleaned only. this will be indicated on the product page and on its care tag.

if wrinkled, a steamer can be used to relax the fabric. if using an iron, do not directly touch to the fabric.

pilling is normal for natural fibers. although we have chosen fibers which have fantastic durability, some light pilling may occur with heavy use. to remove, gently pluck them from the fabric or carefully trim off with scissors. you may also use a gentle fabric shaver - we recommend the gleener.