papillon wrap
papillon wrap
papillon wrap
papillon wrap
papillon wrap
papillon wrap
papillon wrap

papillon wrap

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This diamond-shaped wrap is created by knitting two identical triangles and seaming them together. Each triangle begins as a few stitches which are consistently increased and uses a variety of stitch patterns and short row wedges to complete their shape. After the triangles are seamed, an icord border is applied for a crisp finish.

This project contains brioche knitting as well as an alternative seed stitch option for those who prefer not to knit brioche.


This project is a great way to use scraps of yarn - stripes work particularly well with any of the larger garter sections. If a smaller wrap is desired, this project could also be knit with fingering weight yarn on an appropriate needle size (US 4-6 depending on gauge). I suggest alternating between lighter and darker yarns for each section if you’re having a hard time deciding on color placement.

I loved using yarn from Hedgehog Fibres for this project - their colors all play wonderfully together so you really can’t go wrong plus the Alpaca DK is exquisitely soft! I would also recommend incorporating any textured yarn like a brushed suri or holding a lace weight mohair along with any DK yarn add more dimension to the wrap. Qing Fibre’s Brushed Baby Suri is a wonderful yarn to use for this purpose.

Dimensions: 86 in / 218 cm wide and 52 in / 132 cm tall after blocking.

Yarn: DK weight yarn

Yardage: approx. 1700 yards / 1554 meters


Section 1 - 70y/ 64m
Section 2 - 70y/ 64m
Section 3 -110y/ 101m
Section 4 - 150y/ 137m
Section 5 A - 65y/ 59m
Section 5 B - 55y/ 50m
Section 6 - 40y/ 37m
Section 7 - 175y/ 160m
Section 8 - 246y/ 225m
Section 9 - 123y/ 112m
Section 10 A - 246y/ 225m
Section 10 B - 246y/ 225m
Section 11 - 8y/ 7m
Section 12 (Border) -105y/ 96m

YARN I USED FOR VERSION 1 (purple border)

Section 1 - Hedgehog Fibres Alpaca DK, Fool’s Gold
Section 2 - Madeline Tosh DK, Memory
Section 3 - Hedgehog Fibres Alpaca DK, Seed
Section 4 - Qing Fibre Melted Baby Suri, Nougat
Section 5 A - Hedgehog Fibres Alpaca DK, Guppy
Section 5 B - Malabrio Rios, Plomo
Section 6 - Hedgehog Fibres Alpaca DK, Dew
Section 7 - Hedgehog Fibres Alpaca DK, Dune
Section 8 - Hedgehog Fibres Alpaca DK, Echo
Section 9 - Qing Fibre Melted Baby Suri, Sea Breeze
Section 10 A - Hedgehog Fibres Alpaca DK, Hawk
Section 10 B - Hedgehog Fibres Alpaca DK, Zenith
Section 11 - Hedgehog Fibres Merino DK, Purple Reign
Section 12 (Border) - Hedgehog Fibres Alpaca DK, Purr